Greyhound Racing in Great Britain



Did you know that there are thirty-three dog tracks operating in Great Britain? Our report sets out the key humane problems facing greyhounds at these tracks and demands immediate action by Members of Parliament.

UK report

According to extensive research performed by GREY2K USA Worldwide:

  • The British greyhound industry generates 8,000 greyhounds in need of homes each year.  One thousand of these dogs vanish and cannot be accounted for.

  • Greyhounds race every five days, running as many as three races per meet. 

  • Frequent racing on poorly maintained tracks leads to an increase in injuries and deaths.The National Greyhound Racing Club estimated that two dogs are injured per race meeting.  Reported injuries include broken legs, crushed skulls and broken necks -- suffered by dogs just 2-3 years old.

  • According to the Greyhound Board of Great Britain, greyhounds test positive for serious drugs including cocaine, steroids, amphetamines and barbituates.  Testosterone is regularly used to block the natural cycles of female dogs.

  • When not racing, greyhounds spend 95% of their time in confinement and the British Veterinary Society has stated that conditions at kennels do not comply with the UK’s Animal Welfare Act.

  • 662 greyhounds have been sold or donated to universities for anatomy classes and dissection since 2006.  Dogs are available for as little as £30.

Now is the time to push for the ultimate change.  We are demanding immediate protections for the greyhounds and the phase-out of dog racing all across Great Britain.  This cruelty has no place in modern society.

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